Wheel Chairs

A wheelchair is nothing but a chair fitted by wheels which is responsible for providing mobility and comfort to the person sitting on it, operated either manually (rolling the wheels by hands) or automatically through motor.

Precisely, people who are sick or injured such as a fracture and have walking issues use it as a means of being mobile for shorter period.

Finding the best wheelchair can become a tedious task and if you are in the quest of the best one then you have landed on the perfect page as after 36 hours of research, our team has compiled a list of top 7 wheelchairs in India.

You might like to consider a few parameters before buying one:

Types of wheelchairs
There are two types- manual or electric. While the manual ones require you to push the wheels by yourself or with the help of helper, electric ones don’t as they run on batteries.

Steering and maneuvering
Manual ones are easy to steer or maneuver rather than the electric ones as they do not offer precise movements.

On average, a wheelchair can weigh anywhere between 17 to 450 lbs and a lighter-weight one would be better as it will be easier for you to store and transport.

If it is a manual wheelchair then you can find a good one at an average price starting from 4,500 even but if it is an electric or motor wheelchair, a good one with all qualities like the best motor power and more can be found at an average starting price of 19,000.

To know more, you can refer to our “Buying Guide” below the description.

With its lightweight-18kgs, manually designed and foldable qualities, Viva healthcare self-propelled wheelchair stands 1st on our list. Its frame is made up of 1.2 mm thick round M. Steel Pipe and superior quality Spokes rim. It has been ergonomically designed so that an attendant can even use it properly with solid grips.

Maximum user weight capacity: 100kgs, ideal for heavy to lightweight person.

Other salient features of Viva healthcare spoke wheel are

Portability- it can be carried anywhere because it is foldable
Fixed armrest and footrest- the person can put their arms and foot and feel comfortable
Durable- as it is made up of chrome-plated steel frame
Spacious- the width of the seat is 46 cms which can provide enough space while sitting

Convenient side brakes
Adjustable seatbelt for safety
Locking clip with belt
Easy to clean
Ideal for a person who has lower body parts issue
Comes up with a bedpan for washroom needs

No headrest
No attendant brake
Height of the seat isn’t adjustable
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  1. KosmoCare Wheelchair
    KosmoCare Dura Rexine is a self-propelled wheelchair made up of a simple design with a sturdy frame and is ideal for daily usage. Its 18 kgs weight makes its comfortable and steel frame material durable. Also, the wheels are of superior quality mag ones and are completely rust free.

Maximum user weight capacity: 100 kgs, is ideal for any person.

Other best features of Dura Rexine Mag Wheels are

Portability- can be folded and transported anywhere
Comfortable arm and footrest- makes the person relaxed while sitting
Durable- it has superior quality wheels and chrome-plated steel frame
Spacious- 18 inches of seat width makes it spacious

Seatbelt for safety
Rear wheel lock
Easy to clean and maintain
Ideal for long-term use

No bedpan
No headrest
No brakes

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