Wall Mounted Fans

The hot and annoying scorching heat could make you feel irritated, reduce the productivity and what not.

Well, in that case, a ceiling fan can’t provide proper cooling to the person sitting at the corner as it is designed to move the air downwards, buying ACs can lead to huge expenses and an air cooler can’t suit humid cities or areas.

But a wall mount fan can suffice to your cooling needs as it is designed to move the air horizontally and is quite safe, simple, easy to use, cost effective and ideal for home, office,garage, and other building uses.

So, if you are planning to buy one then considering these factors should be your first goal:

It would be better if you get a larger fan running at a slow speed over the smaller one running at high speed. If a room size is around 150 sq ft then buying a larger one would suffice.

Build quality
Lightweight fans are good for office and domestic setting and can’t be used in garage or industrial areas as they can get damaged very soon. Also, now materials like PVC and fiber are being used for lightweight.

It is very important to know about the strength of your wall as a heavy wall fan will fall off temporary or weak walls.

It helps in moving the air over a wide area and you should look for the one which can be switched off or on because it helps the fan to blow in a desired direction.

They come under the warranty of mostly 2 years on the product and buying one with the guarantee can be of no harm.

If you are still confused then you can refer to our “Buying Guide”given below the article.

To provide you easy shopping, our team has dedicated hours of research in finding out the 7 best wall mounted fans in India!

Best wall mounted fans in India
Products Speed Sweep Warranty Buy Now
Havells Wall Mounted Fan 1350 RPM 400mm 2 years CHECK ON AMAZON
Orient Wall Mounted Fan 1300 RPM 400mm 2 years CHECK ON AMAZON
V-Guard Wall Mounted Fan 1350 RPM 400mm 2 years CHECK ON AMAZON
Bajaj Wall Mounted Fan 1320 RPM 400mm 1 year CHECK ON AMAZON
Crompton Wall Mounted Fan 1300 RPM 400mm N.A CHECK ON AMAZON
Usha Wall Mounted Fan 1280 RPM 400mm 1 year CHECK ON AMAZON
iBELL Wall Mounted Fan N.A 406mm 1 year+1 year on
free registration CHECK ON AMAZON
7 Best wall mounted fan Reviews in India 2019

  1. Havells Wall Mounted Fan
    The fan is well designed for people who experience high voltage fluctuation as it comes up with Thermal overload protector (TOP) which helps in protecting the motor for better air quality. Its aerodynamically designed three blades ensure optimum air delivery at 72 CMM.

Fan Weight: 4.47 kgs, can fit in any walls.

Other salient features of Havells Swing 400mm are

Maximum speed-1350 RPM which is best to provide enough air cooling
Easy speed control- pull cords and oscillation on-off
Protective grill- ensures safety with enclosed blades inside
Comes with mounting accessories kit, blade, guard set, guard ring,guarantee car
Warranty: 2 years warranty on product


It gives silent and smooth operation
Easy installation
Low power consumption- 50W
Ideal for home and office use
Stellar look

Makes little noise
Less smooth vertical neck operation
No remote control option
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  1. Orient Wall Mounted Fan
    The fan is ideal for the people who have large kitchen, hall or bedroom as 90 oscillation and remote control option gives user an easy-to-use manual. Its aerodynamically designed resin blades gives air thrust and proper air control and its motor is protected with thermal overload protection device.

Fan weight: 4.05kgs, ideal for fitting anywhere in the house, kitchen or bedroom.

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