Inverter Battery

The importance of electricity and power supply is at the leading edge of a common man’s priority. Whether it is a simple light source or a giant industry, the world depends on electricity to run a progressive state of living. Over the period, transport, entertainment, communication, and household equipment have been revolutionized by electricity.

Sadly, with the increase in the demand for naturally sourced electricity, an increase in the depletion of power sources such as water, fossil fuels, etc pose a great threat to modern life. However, inverters are an efficient alternative for the power supply. An inverter basically works on the principle of converting the stored energy of the battery to an alternating current to source your electrical appliances.

A simple device such as an inverter needs a powerful battery to work efficiently and without any deterrence. The importance of choosing the right battery to your inverter cannot be stressed enough in order to maintain the shelf life of the device. Quality and capacity are the two important factors to consider before buying a battery.

The battery capacity is expressed in various grades of Ampere Hours (Ah). The capacity of your battery decides the duration of backup power the inverter can provide. Choose the right battery depending upon your power requirement and the battery voltage.

We have a comprehensive “Buying Guide” which can help you in the buying process if you are in the lookout for a proper Inverter battery. Also we are here to help you ease your predicament. We have a compiled list of the best 3 Inverter batteries which has assessed and shortlisted for your reference.

The Luminous batteries are made up of an exclusive alloy component that guards the lead against corrosion. The component has been patented by the company for it provides a homogenous grain structure that is void free and ensures supreme performance. So, this is our first choice in this list.

Luminous RC battery is an energy efficient device that reduces overall energy consumption due to its quick charging feature and longer back up. The unique design of the battery is created using the High Pressure Die Casting (HADI) machine which gives it a stronger outlook and even helps in maintaining the void-free uniform grain structure.

The corrosion-free spine alloy component ensures that the battery runs for a longer period. The purity of the component assures low maintenance while the tubular plate construction allows uniform distribution of the power for high-quality performance.

The puncture resistant separators by Daramic USA, minimizes the potential of internal short circuits. The balanced plate design and the inter-partition connection take care of the internal resistance while presenting an excellent charge acceptance.

The battery ensures its lifespan to over 1250 cycles at an exceptional 80% depth of discharge. The Luminous RC 18000 battery is best suited for areas that observe frequent power cuts.

Notable Features:

Tall Tubular battery
Faster charging
150Ah capacity
Uses 12 volts
Weighs around 60kgs
Has a longer back up
Comes with 36 months warranty

Under a decent price bracket, the Luminous RC 18000 150Ah tall tubular battery is an ideal choice for a home inverter. It has low cost maintenance for a battery with excellent backup. It is best suited for areas where power cuts are very frequent and are for longer hours. A really value for money proposition!


Exceptionally long back up (up to 12 hrs)
Flexible oxidation resistant gauntlet for correct fitment.
Low power consumption.
Longer life expectancy (3-5 yrs)
Resists voltage fluctuations and provides the undisturbed power supply.
Low maintenance
It is a flooded cell battery

The battery is pretty heavy.

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