Double Door Refrigerators

Double door refrigerators are big! It is primarily made for a family with 4 or more members. They have separate doors for the fridge and the freezer. Usually, they have the freezer box at the top. But you will also find models with the freezer box located at the bottom.

Double door refrigerators are also expensive and come with more number of features. There are a lot of reasons you would want to choose it over a single door refrigerator.

You have a separate fridge and freezer
The freezer is bigger in size
They are frost-free means no manual defrost
You can store big bottles
They are aesthetically pleasing
They have different capacity, designs, and functions. So, choosing the ideal one is not easy.

Here are some of the key factors to look for while buying a double door refrigerator.

Capacity: Double door refrigerator capacity can vary from 230 liters to 550 liters. You have to decide it according to your family size. For a family with 3-4 members, a small size with 230- 260 liters is fairly enough. If you have a big family with 5 or members you need capacity more than 260 liters.
Annual Power Consumption: Check is BEE ratings. The more star it has the less power it will consume. This will save a lot on your yearly electricity bills.
In-built Stabilizer: Double door refrigerators are expensive than single door refrigerators. And the problem with voltage fluctuations is very common in India. So if you want a long life of your refrigerator make sure it has an in-built stabilizer.
To help you find your best refrigerator we are listing 7 best refrigerators available in India. They have top reviews and top comments. Read our article to know more.

If you still find any difficulties to make the final decision there is an in-depth “buying guide” for the best double door refrigerator in India. Hope this will help you.

If you want the best Inverter Technology refrigerator for your home, this LG 260 liter Double Door Refrigerator is the best bet! With the brand value and support of LG, this one is a gem! It is not only energy-efficient, but also quite effective! This particular model is quite desirable too as it has 4.5 ratings from nearly 900 customers online. So it rightfully takes the first place!

Refrigerator Capacity: 260 liters of capacity. It can support a 5-6 member family with ease.

Freezer Type: It is a purely Frost-free refrigerator.

Annual Power Consumption: Low. It consumes only 194 units per year.

BEE Ratings: 4 stars.

It promises to be one of the most energy-efficient double-door refrigerators and rightfully so!
Number of Shelves in fridge has

3 shelves
A big Vegetable box
1 big bottle rack to store big 2L bottles
1 regular size rack to store bottles, and other items etc
1 egg tray
the freezer has

An ice-tray box
1 shelf to keep frozen items
2 side racks to store any type of semi-frozen usable items like ice-cream, desserts, etc
Stabilizer: It is completely stabilizer free.

Smart Features

Auto smart Connect- this technology helps to connect the refrigerator to your own home inverter when the power goes completely off. It provides a seamless operation!
Ice-beam Cooling- this one helps to maintain a balanced temperature inside the refrigerator. Every corner of the fridge will be properly cooled along with the food.
Moist Balance Crisper- maintains a proper moisture level inside the vegetable box. This helps to keep your fruits, vegetable and other items fresh for a long time.
Humidity Controller- effectively controls humidity levels inside the refrigerator. This ensures faster and efficient cooling all around.
L.G smart Diagnosis- diagnose and solve any problem with your refrigerator quickly.
Warranty and Services- 1 year of warranty on the product. 10 years warranty on Compressor. You can expect the best after-sales service to their customers from LG.

4 BEE star rated product
Good capacity
Looks elegant with its steel body
Auto Smart Connect and Ice Beam Cooling
Stabilizer Free Operation
Inverter Technology saves electricity bills

Shelves are not removable or adjustable. So you might experience difficulty to fit large bowls.

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