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On average, a person can burn around 219 calories if only walked on a treadmill for an hour which is equivalent to giving hours in performing other exercises.

Doesn’t matter if you are young or old, a treadmill will help you to stay healthy, fresh and fit throughout. Moreover, having it at home saves a lot of time including money in longer-run.

So, if you are searching for an outstanding treadmill for your home or commercial use, you have probably landed on the perfect site as our dedicated team has denoted hours in finalizing the list of the best.

But before buying, please have a look at the features you would want to consider:

Manual or Automatic
You are required to perform all works in the manual as it doesn’t have a motor whereas automatic treadmills detect your speed, alters the inclination and others. Well, the manual is cheaper than automatic.

Running Deck
It solely depends on your stride, for a shorter stride around 20″ by 60″ deck size will be suitable or else you need to go for a larger one for a longer stride. (Stride is the decisive steps that you take).

There are two types of motors- AC and DC. Apparently, DC motor doesn’t come with automatic cooling and one needs to take breaks after every 45 mins whereas AC comes with automatic cooling. Horsepower is rating term used for motors and buying a treadmill having around 1.5HP can be a better option.

Cockatoo CTM 2 HP is a perfect fit for those who want to work out at home and lose more calories, increase blood circulation and others. The 2 HP motorised treadmill is uniquely designed to save your home space as it is foldable and comes with a running surface of 390 – 1100 mm which can suffice lighter to heavier person. Also, it offers speed range between 0.8 km/hr to 10km/hr.

User weight capacity: 90 kg, can easily suit an average and obese person.

Other salient features of Cockatoo CTM 2 HP are

Digital display panel- shows you calories burnt, speed, time and distance.
Durability- it is made of welded steel frames to provide enormous support.
Pulse sensor- gives your heart rate by simply placing your hands over it.
Portable- it has wheels that helps you to move and keep anywhere in the house.
Warranty: 1 year parts warranty, 3 years motor and a lifetime warranty for frame


Smooth foldable and stylish treadmill
Feasible and free installation
Light Weight
Comes up with a lower back massager
Port to connect to your mobile or iPods
Ease of use due to its intuitive buttons

There is no incline level
No stabilizer free operation
No button for pausing
Ideal for walking only
No shock observing belt
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  1. Lifelong Treadmill
    Lifelong-TreadmillsLifelong FitPro LLTM09 is an ideal fit for office and home use and you can keep it anywhere because it comes up with 90 degree foldable design. It is best suited for endurance and weight loss training as it’s been equipped with 12 preset programs. Light to heavy weight person can feasibly use it as it has 1100 × 395 mm running surface with a robust speed range of maximum 10km/hr.

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