Air Purifiers

Pollution, in today’s world, is considered one of the foremost problems. It is slowly killing the planet from the inside out. One of the major aspects of this is air pollution. Yes, the very air we breathe is not pure. It is toxic, full of pollutants, and often harmful to our physiology. Since there is no way to control the pollution of air at large, the best we can do is control the air which centers and circulates within our homes. This can be achieved through the action of wondrous machines known as Air Purifiers.

The working of an air purifier is rather simple. It uses powerful fans inside the mechanism to pull in the impure air into it and forces the air to pass through a number of filters, making it clean and pure to breathe, and then releases it back into the room. Over a certain period of time, the air is passed through these filters numerous times, making the majority of the air safer to breathe. This is basically how air purifiers achieve purer, safer air.

There are a few types of air filters, including

HEPA filters,
ozone generators,
electro-static filters,
UV Light Filters and
Activated Carbon Filters.
All of these serve the same purpose, in varying ways. They clean the air, remove irritants, remove pollutants, and even neutralize smoke particles. If a household has a pet, it is bound to shed, which are also removed by the purifier. Dust is restricted and germs are not allowed to spread, as they are sucked into the mechanism. For a person with allergies, this is an essential buy.

In the seasons of spring and summer, due to pollen and other allergens, such people suffer greatly. The air itself is laden with irritants and this cannot be avoided without an air purifier. The purifier removes all these pollutants and allows the user to breath clean and pollutant free air.

The only problem is not knowing which one to purchase, as manufacturers have produced numerous models with varying promises and features. For any clarifications about which purifier to purchase, kindly refer to our “AirPurifier Buyer’s Guide“! It will surely help you chose the ideal air purifier for you. We also have a list of the top 7 air purifiers in India that you can go for. Check it out!
Best Air Purifiers in India

Air Purifiers

Best Air Purifier No’of Filters CDAR Coverage Area Weight Warranty Buy Now
Mi Air Purifier 2S 3 310 m3/hr 400 Sq. Ft. 4.8Kg 1 year Check the Price
Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 Air Purifier 7 170 m3/hr 350 Sq. Ft. 4.8Kg 1 year Check the Price
Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air 3 303 m3/hr 355 Sq. Ft. 7.5Kg 3 years Check the Price
Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20 AeraSense Air Purifier 3 376 m3/hr 818 Sq. Ft. 9.8Kg 2 years Check the Price
Honeywell HAC25M1201W Room Air Purifier 3 250 m3/hr 323 Sq. Ft. 6.2Kg 1 year Check the Price
Airspa With Device Tms 16 Hepa Air Purifier 6 180 m3/hr 350 Sq. Ft. 4.8Kg 1 year Check the Price
Ooze H3O Air Series Air Purifier 7 480 m3/hr 1000 Sq. Ft. 8.0Kg 1 year Check the Price
Top 7 Best Air Purifier Reviews in India 2019

  1. Mi 2S Air Purifier with Eco Dot
    Though Mi brand has hit the Indian market few years ago, it has impressed the consumers with its quality, durable, and cost effective products. And Mi Air Purifier 2 S is no different – as it is equipped with power filtration system, auto-adjust brightness and several other beneficial factors.

The main reasons for why we choose this product first are – cost effective and powerful three-layer filtration system. The outer layer is designed to remove large air borne particles like hair, dust and others. The second (middle) layer removes micron-sized particles and harmful bacteria. The innermost layer has activated carbon which is capable of effectively removing formaldehyde, odors and other harmful substances.

With smart phone connectivity, you can change the modes, see the temperature and humidity of the room. It also notifies when the filter needs to be changed.

Other Notable Features

Speed Modes – Auto, Sleep and Favorite.
CADR – 310 m3/hr
Suitable for – 400sqft room
Safety Features – Auto-turn off
Dimensions – 24 x 24 x 52 cm
Filter Replacement – once in 6 months
Power Consumption – 29 Watts
Control – Remote or Mobile App
Noise Levels – Quite

1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer. Previously there are was only online service, but MI brand has opened several stores, where you can get the repairs or replacements. You can chat the MI support team on their website.


Scientifically designed and efficient 3-layer filter
Displays AQI
OLED display
Smart control and monitoring feature
Quite and energy efficient
Has sleep mode
Allergen and odor free air

Short power cable
Manual mode can be noisy
Higher filter replacement cost

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