Aerobic Stepper in India

According to various researches, working out on an aerobic stepper is equivalent to high-intensity cardio exercise as it can aid in huge weight loss, improve cardiovascular health, boost energy levels, tone your muscles and act as an agent for stress reduction.

It is so cost effective and user-friendly that you can adjust the height by adding or removing the risers depending on your own level of workout at home or gym. Even, its inception can be traced back to the time when people wanted an economic and very-effective workout.

It is very portable, easy to use and compact in size.

And to ease your purchase, we would want you to consider these parameters:

It shouldn’t move under your body weight during the time of heavy workout and moreover, it should be light enough to carry the weight

Slip resistant
It is utmost important for you to note that the stepper should enough friction that would ensure that you don’t slip while exercising.

Risers are completely user-friendly as it depends upon the intensity of the workout. Mostly, on an average steppers come with three to four risers which can be fixed to increase or decrease the level of workout.

On an average, the height varies between 10 to 30 cms and you can buy the one you would like for your intense or low workout.

Still confused? Please refer to our “Buying Guide” below the article which can clear all doubts.

We have also denoted our hours on reviewing and researching the best aerobic stepper and prepared a list of the 6 best in India.

Best Aerobic Stepper
Products Max User Weight Holding Capacity Slip Resistant Shock Absorbent Buy Now
Egab Aerobic Stepper 200kgs Yes Yes CHECK ON AMAZON
ElectroBot Aerobic Stepper 226kgs Yes Yes CHECK ON AMAZON
ABB INITIO GYM Aerobic Stepper 200kgs Yes Yes CHECK ON AMAZON
Strauss Aerobic Stepper 200kgs Yes Yes CHECK ON AMAZON
Kobo Aerobic Stepper 120kgs Yes Yes CHECK ON AMAZON
Energie Aerobic Stepper 150kgs Yes N/A CHECK ON AMAZON
Best Aerobic Stepper reviews in India 2019

  1. Egab Aerobic Stepper
    The best part of this stepper is that it can be used by anyone starting from a beginner to the one who has attained almost all levels of fitness training. Also, it can be used for any means that is at home, gym, office or even for sports purpose.

Max user weight holding capacity: 200kgs, any person from obese to lightweight can use it easily.

Best features of Egab Sport Adjustable Exercise are

Number of risers: 2, one can adjust it according to his/her needs
Height levels: it comes up with 10 to 15cms limits which can provide enough height for a person to easily exercise
Dimensions: 68 (L) x 28.5 (W), ideal for providing enough space to anyone
Shock absorption: yes, it can save you from hurting

Easy to assemble
Non stick and non-slip surface
Ideal for effective to low cardioes
Ideal for home, office and gym workouts

Only 2 risers
No warranty
Buy Now at Amazon

  1. ElectroBot Aerobic Stepper
    It is an ideal stepper for those people who want to use it for all purposes that is- indoor and outdoor as it can be easily stored, assembled and cleaned. A person can perform any kind of cardio workout that is from high to low and even anaerobic workouts using particular measures.

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