Double door refrigerators are big! It is primarily made for a family with 4 or more members. They have separate doors for the fridge and the freezer. Usually, they have the freezer box at the top. But you will also find models with the freezer box located at the bottom.Continue Reading

If you want the best out fall go with Solimo Microfiber Comforter. Solimo is an Amazon Brand. They are making some amazing quality comforters, duvets, etc. for the past few years. These are perfect for Indian weather. They are durable, skin-friendly, provides great value to your money. It is aContinue Reading

A wheelchair is nothing but a chair fitted by wheels which is responsible for providing mobility and comfort to the person sitting on it, operated either manually (rolling the wheels by hands) or automatically through motor. Precisely, people who are sick or injured such as a fracture and have walkingContinue Reading

Gas stoves are the most common appliance (like back bone) of a kitchen. While purchasing a gas stove, first thing to consider is – number of burners you require. This depends on your family size and number of dishes you have to cook at peak hours (like in the mornings).Continue Reading

On average, a person can burn around 219 calories if only walked on a treadmill for an hour which is equivalent to giving hours in performing other exercises. Doesn’t matter if you are young or old, a treadmill will help you to stay healthy, fresh and fit throughout. Moreover, havingContinue Reading

Keeping dry irons at home proves to be handy as you can get rid of the wrinkles on clothes over the blink of an eye. They are also very cost effective as compared to daily laundry, easily operated, lightweight and inexpensive. Well as compared to steam irons, dry irons areContinue Reading

The hot and annoying scorching heat could make you feel irritated, reduce the productivity and what not. Well, in that case, a ceiling fan can’t provide proper cooling to the person sitting at the corner as it is designed to move the air downwards, buying ACs can lead to hugeContinue Reading

Pollution, in today’s world, is considered one of the foremost problems. It is slowly killing the planet from the inside out. One of the major aspects of this is air pollution. Yes, the very air we breathe is not pure. It is toxic, full of pollutants, and often harmful toContinue Reading

Even if you are an occasional traveler or a person who stays on roads for long drives, office or your own personal needs, a car air inflatable bed rescues you from all inevitable expenses. It provides various benefits mentally, physically and monetarily as you can sleep properly without compromising onContinue Reading

Do you know why plastic and glass bottles always hold the wrong temperature? Because the nature of heat is to radiate and then spread across the container. The quench for cold/hot water in a plastic/glass bottle can become a distant dream after certain hours. Well, in that case, investing inContinue Reading